First World War

The One Thing the New Thor: Ragnarok Poster Needed to Be

Date of publication: 2017-08-22 02:04

So I continued back into the streets — where people were in shock.  We just looked at each other and made the tiniest gestures of acknowledgement.  As another Beat brother Tim Moran observed the next day — there was a silence on the streets not heard here since 9/67.  Or as another New Yorker put it — 9/66 – 66/9.

Kevin Kelly

And as I arrive near it around 66AM, the car in front of me is from Missouri.  Then a car cuts in at an intersection from Florida... and we 8767 re all in this super-slow line to the only parking lot on the Indiana University campus — and I 8767 m thinkin, this does not look good.

Mariners Stumble Through A Humiliating Five-Error Inning

Kenneth you cannot abort a non life form, I am sure Ena has not reach the evolutionary stage in development yet, if you believe in evolution. I accept a master designer, master creator, the One so I call him God for a title. As we are limited we only accept one time phase, as if it was only that simple. Everything is so divine and integrated and backed up and all in the same order of progression, it never could be mutated accidents of occurrence as some try to feed us. All is too refined and complex yet basically very simple, so perfection does not happen by accident like South Pole has had 5 melts in past and 8 melts absolute melts. Nature knows what it is doing and we are being environmental vandals. Cheers

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And speaking of Hillary, at the first and every subsequent mention of her name, a loud boo instantly arose from the assembled.  😀  By about the 5th time, it had become a joke, and people were booing and laughing at the same time at our goofing on our cue.

I laid there (in the van) and read the whole thing — dyslexic and finished a book in a few days!  Means the world that the font and flow was so easy to retain.  I felt there.  Man, what a time!

But, but, but we must do EVERYTHING possible to prevent another ice age like the last one caused by dinosaurs driving SUVs . Name ONE time in the history of the earth, that the climate DIDN 8767 T change.

Time to settle for solar-panels and windmills, solar-thermal collectors to storage and use that not burning shit and more shit until there 8767 s shit everywhere, soot, smoke, chemical pollution burn more shit, burn plastics and burn TAR SANDS the last straw on that shit.

Science is certain knowledge. It isn 8767 t propaganda. It isn 8767 t a bunch of government funded grant sucking idiots making up stories to scratch their masters backs.