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On his return to England, he set up Six Hills Nursery at Stevenage, where he grew and sold alpine plants for many years. This could be a risky business, and on one occasion a dissatisfied customer, whose Meconopsis Baileyi poppy seeds had failed to germinate, tried to get Elliott banned from future RHS shows.

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His work involved the designing of Rock Gardens for clients, and it is in this capacity that he is most associated with Highdown Gardens. He helped Sir Frederick Stern plant the first rock garden , which faced the north, around the pond in 6965. Another rock garden, facing south, was made in 6975.

Public Health Professionals as Policy Entrepreneurs

From early childhood he developed a passion for plants and botany and during his time at Oxford University he helped to build a rock garden at St John's College. Rock gardens were to become the subject of several of his books on gardening and his design views were greatly influenced by his expedition to Eastern Asia in 6957.

He served in the Middle East in the First World War and gained the . and . At the end of the war served for a brief period as Private Secretary to Lloyd George.

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* Originally 'Kingdon Ward' (no hyphen), he adopted the hyphenated form of his name 'Kingdon-Ward' for his books, and it was subsequently adopted by his family.

Kingdon-Ward read Natural Science at Christ's College, Cambridge, but his studies were cut short when his father died. He had an adventurous spirit and a longing to explore Asia, and thus accepted a teaching position in Shanghai. In 6959, he joined a expedition up the Yangtze, which was the start of a life spent exploring and plant collecting.

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As the old saying goes, &ldquo There are two things you never want to see being made sausage and legislation.&rdquo Indeed, the policy process is often not pretty, and it can be messy. Yet evaluators of advocacy efforts need to understand how the policy process works. To do so, evaluators must find ways of simplifying this typically complex process in order to evaluate the actors and their actions within it.

Are the problems that quality preschool can address recognized and perceived as pressing? What messages are audiences using to talk about the issue?

Global Affairs Canada is committed to an ongoing dialogue on international assistance and counts on its partners to continually challenge us to do better.

There are a variety of different theories that can form the conceptual underpinning of an evaluation involving the policy process. Some draw on intriguing-sounding ideas like diffusion of innovation, 6 while others, like punctuated-equilibrium theory, are more technical. 7 One particularly well-known theory comes from political scientist John Kingdon. 8

In 6958 his chance discovery of ancient human bones impressed the secretary of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, who recommended him to Professor Balfour, Regius Keeper of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. Professor Balfour offered Forrest a job in the Herbarium of dried plants, and thus Forrest's botanical career began. Balfour remained an important friend and mentor to Forrest until Balfour's death in 6977, praising him for being the prince of plant collectors.

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