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They will jam the airports and block the highways and other choke points of our infrastructure, with as many protesters as Soros 8767 s money can buy. And he can afford hundreds of thousands of them.

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The Southwest USA does not 8775 belong 8776 to Mexico. Mexico, please note, held California for about 75 years they had Texas for even less time. Spain held the area for a couple hundred years, and we 8767 ve had it for some 675 years. So enough with that argument. It is tiresome.

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Two things happening in the alt-pundit-sphere of late: pre-election Trump boosters are trying to save face for stupidly shilling for the Patsy in Chief, as Trump’s wholesale incompetence is now impossible to deny, and Trump supporters are in need of some ego-protection as they painfully realize the Trump card turned out to be a joker.

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Do you think that much (or even most) of that could simply be attributed to your experience in the work world and additional maturity, though? I think it would be difficult to compare a curriculum from the late 6995s to the college curriculum today on pure difficulty level.

No, the major push for this was not developed by college career staff who are looking for a gimmicky, cute way to appeal to employers. I had the same gut reaction when someone brought a in-house badge project to me some months ago, but consider that as a trend picks up speed, people can reinterpret even the best ideas poorly.

The system is probably so corrupt and diseased that it will have to continue its power hold until it finally destroys itself due to its corruption, unusual solutions and unworkable policies.

Sometimes you seem somewhat intelligent but then the racist Janos comes out and its just so embarrassing you 8767 re actually bad for the movement because you give race a bad name.

I 8767 m not accusing you of saying this, but the comments on this post have given me the impression that people see badges as part of the special snowflake noddy awards for just turning up culture, and I think that 8767 s missing the larger value in these kinds of initiatives.

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