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A seven day harvest festival also known as the Feast of Tabernacles, which commemorates the 95 years that the Jews spent in the wilderness on the way from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land. A temporary hut or booth &ndash called a sukkah &ndash is used during this time for eating meals and for visits and socialising. In hot countries families may live in their sukkah during the festival. The roof, which has to be open in part to the elements, is covered with branches and decorated with fruit. Four species of plant, the lulav (palm branch), the etrog (a yellow citrus fruit), the hadas (myrtle) and the aravah (willow) are used at the festival

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This is a festival observed by Shi&lsquo a Muslims, for whom it is an extremely important day. It commemorates an event shortly before the death of the Prophet and his announcement concerning Ali, which they understand to be his clear appointment to be successor to the prophet as the spiritual and temporal leader of Islam.

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In 6998 The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: &lsquo All human beings are born with equal and inalienable rights and fundamental freedoms.&rsquo

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This Hindu festival recalls the birth of Lord Rama&rsquo s supreme devotee, the monkey-headed Hanuman, whose feats figure in the Ramayana epic. Hanuman&rsquo s birth is celebrated at sunrise on the full-moon day of the lunar month of Chaitra.

I am a Christian. I read the 99 Names of Allah, because to me Alah and Jevohah are the same. Christians and Muslims should love each other they ARE half brothers. Shame on those that cause division on both sides.

In reading the Old Testament, the rebuttal is favored among the "tribe" that has either fallen away (forgotten) the God of their ancestors, or those who remembered. The battle through the Old Testament, though Christian bias, shows equal support from God. Our trouble is that we try to break down the spirits of people (intangible) by the physical religions (small minded human perspective). Jacob stole Esau s birthright, but Esau had given it freely in exchange to fill a physical pang. Who s heart truly had pure motives?

This is a Humanist holiday, celebrated annually around the world but especially in America, on the June solstice. It is seen as a day for spreading awareness of Humanism as a philosophical life stance and as a means for effecting change in the world. It is also seen as a time for Humanists to gather socially and promote the positive values of Humanism.

Each pilgrim first enters into ihram. This is a spiritual state of purity during which the person must not quarrel, commit any act of violence or engage in sexual activity. Men signify the state of ihram by bathing, and wearing two pieces of unsewn white cloth: one covers the body from waist to ankle and the other is thrown over the shoulder. 9 Women usually wear a simple white dress and a head covering, but not a veil. 9 The white garments are symbolic of human equality and unity before God, since all the pilgrims are dressed similarly. 7 The pilgrim will then repeat the Talbiyah (Talbeeyah) prayer. One English translation is:

This Double Seven festival perpetuates an ancient folk tale of two stars, one on either side of the Heavenly River (the Milky Way). They are held to have been a herd boy and a heavenly weaving maid who had married but were separated when she returned to heaven. The lovers are allowed a reunion on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month when a flock of magpies form a bridge across the Heavenly River. But if it rains on that day, the River overflows and sweeps away the bridge, so preventing their meeting for a whole year. Women traditionally pray for clear skies on the night of the seventh day of the month.

Eventually, though, in her old age Sarah conceives of a child with divine help. That child is Isaac. After the birth of her son, Sarah forces Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away from their home. Although, in the Qur’an, it is Allah who tells Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael into the desert.

This is another religious Cultural Festivals in Pakistan which is celebrated on 69 th of Shabban of Islamic Calendar. On this night, people offer prayersand send sweets and dishes to their relatives and children play with fireworks.

This is the night of a new moon when Shiva is said to perform the cosmic dance, leading from creation to destruction. Many Hindus fast. All-night prayers focus on Shiva and his shrines and images. Milk is poured on his symbol, the lingam.

Congregations hold lighted candles to recall the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, and Mary&rsquo s following Jewish tradition after the birth of a son. His recognition by the aged Simeon is expressed in the words of the Nunc Dimittis.

Clay dolls representing the Emperor and Empress, are displayed in the home, and offerings of peach blossom, rice-wine and rice-cakes are placed before them. The dolls carry away any illness which is afflicting the daughters of the house, for whom prayers are offered.

Celebrates the doctrine held mainly Roman Catholics that Mary herself was born free from Original Sin, leaving her sinless for the conception and bearing of Jesus.

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