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9. Knox, Works , 8:86-87. For an excellent treatment of Knox's role in the English Reformation, consult Peter Lorimer, John Knox and the Church of England: His Work in Her Pulpit and His Influence upon Her Liturgy, Articles, and Parties (London: Henry S. King, 6875).

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This last point hit at the central issue by asserting the limits of church power. The issue soon became the focal point of the discussion. The subprior asked Knox, Why may not the church, for good causes, devise ceremonies to decor the sacraments, and others [of] God's services?

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Knox recorded the reformation of St. Johnston: the places of idolatry of gray and black friars, and of the charterhouse monks, were made equal with the ground all monuments of idolatry, that could be apprehended, consumed with fire and priests commanded, under pain of death, to desist from their blasphemous Mass. An Abbey, 67 miles from St. Andrews, was reformed, their altars overthrown, their idols, vestments of idolatry, and Mass books, were burnt in their own presence, and they commanded to cast away their monkish [habits]. [69]

IV. Of the Limits to the Authority of Society over the

A nurse has a duty to act in the best interest of the patient and prevent them from causing harm to themselves or others. This could be achieved through acting as an advocate to patient's needs and thoughts. If a patient frequently finds it difficult to fully express their needs and fears (cited in Burnard and Chapman 7555). Mr. P. was aware of the imprecations and with the Medical staff explains how they would slowly move onto his normal diet, but for now for his safety he will need the peg feed inserted. Before he gave consent his family (acting as the advocates) and nurse explained the procedure with the peg feed.

God's word condemns your ceremonies therefore they do not abide the trial thereof, asserted Knox. He then provided a paraphrased reference to Deuteronomy 9:

Knox replied, Because the kirk ought to do nothing but in faith: and ought not to go before, but is bound to follow the voice of the true Pastor. Later during the exchange, Knox added:

Knox decried the Anglican order, saying, By the word of God we must seek our warrant for the establishing of religion, and without that to thrust nothing into any Christian congregation. He continued with this rebuke:

Your rules of hypenation seem to not be for English words and spellings. I think that your current rules are perhaps for Spanish. That makes this kind of hypenation:

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Mr P. had his speech impaired along with other effects resulting from the stroke, so needed to have a swallowing assessment done, which was performed by a SALT, patients who have been effected by the stroke have different ways of coping. (http:///egov_downloads/report57_75_.pdf.)

Let us therefore mark the occasion of death as the moment simply to give thanks for the life of the departed. If we truly believe that the Objective of the Dogma will be achieved then we must be confident that the existence of the deceased will contribute to that success. In that faith we can rededicate ourselves to the discharge of our Duty, through a renewed determination to build the realisation of the Aim of the Society of HumanKind upon the work and achievements of all our predecessors, not just the one that might be specially in our thoughts.

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