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Some students are at band-7 level,but they get or reason for this is that they try to use different words and sentences in exam which they have not used in past before instead of using simple sentences,and end up with lots of band-7 you need error free senteces,which doesnt say error free complex ,try to use only few good vocabs and senteces that you are confident about and other sences are simple but error free would take you to band-7.
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The media glorifies the people, especially in filmdom, sports, music etc and focuses on the negative aspects of their lives. Our children are fed on a diet that television programs and internet churn out, and are imbibing the values of their heroes as they see them portrayed in the media.

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If it asks for positive AND negative, you give both. If it asks you to choose 8775 is it positive OR negative 8776 , you need to express what you think.

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People have different views about requiring all the youth do voluntary works in their spare time to help both themselves and the society as a whole. However, I personally disagree on forcing them to do unpaid works.

Yes, you do need to practise writing complete essays, but it may be a mistake to do only that. The different part of essays require slightly different skills. To write an introduction, you need to be able to paraphrase the question. To write a body paragraph, you need to be able to explain ideas. To write a conclusion, you need to be able summarise.

To keep things simple and easy to organize always plan on writing a 9 paragraph essay. By following this same formula, you will be able to plan your essay quickly and easily for any question.

It is asking you to choose and explain your view. If it asks about family and individuals, one could be positive and the other negative. But if it asks about one thing, then you can 8767 t have both. This isn 8767 t a discussion essay.

Your class has attended a panel discussion on the action governments can take to promote health and fitness among people. You have made the notes below.

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