First World War

Canadian elite special forces sniper - The Globe and Mail

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 18:52

Site Update: 7568 Show List : :
We are doing three shows this year and the details can be found on our show page.

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Site Update: SOG Veteran Tribute - Al Boyer - ST Asp - CCN, MACV-SOG, 5TH SF GROUP : :
Our good friend Jack Kull has done a supurb tribite to Al Boyer who was lost with ST Asp.

United States Special Forces

Site Update: Veteran Interview: Bill Barclay: :
We have been speaking to SOG veteran Bill Barclay who was 6-5 of RT Krait out of CCN..

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Site Update: SOG Veteran: SPF Frederick Howard: CISO Sweater: :
A super rare CISO produced sweater named to SOG veteran Frederick Howard of RT New Jersey

Site Update: Special Operations Association Reunion (SOAR)- Souvenir T-shirt : :
Areunion t-shirt from the 5th SOAR event in Las Vegas

Site Update: War & Peace 7565, Kent, UK :SOG HALO Operations: :
A photo-shoot showing a SOG HALO team member being rigged for a jump.

Site Update: CIA Operations in Laos a Case Officer remembers: Part 6 - The Rascal Program: :
A new interview with CIA Case Officer Jack Jolis by the writer Peter Alan Lloyd.

Site Update: War & Peace 7566: Living History Displays : :
A photo-shoot depicting the wide variety of Living History displays at this years Beltring show.

Airsoft International Photo shoot: :
RT Montana has just got back from a training weekend in Hampshire (not quite Cambodia but training is training) It was also a chance for new team member Jason Veall to help create a photo shoot for Airsoft International Magazine. I haven't got the real photographs back yet but took some pictures on my camera anyway.

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