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man, I was once in your shoes. I said, I was down and out with the blues. I felt no man cared if I were alive I felt the world was so jive. And then I solved this puzzle, in which the letters Y , M , C , and A hide in the four theme entries: the 8775 ending 8776 of HAPP Y , the 8775 leader 8776 of M INORITY , the 8775 heart 8776 of ARTI C HOKE , and the 8775 front 8776 of A RCTIC.

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This theme puts in mind the shopping site , even though I don 8767 t think I have ever purchased anything from there! What does the theme mean? The letters 8775 PM 8776 are hidden in each theme answer, and there are five of them!

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8775 Bloops! 8776 — quel cunning complement to last week 8767 s 8775 Well, *hoop Dee Doo! 8776 Last week, a subtract-a-letter theme this week, it 8767 s an add-a-bigram (a/k/a two consecutive letters ) venture. Similar to last week, the question-marked clues lead to some deeply smile-making results, all derived from a wide range of base phrases. And, once again, there are lots of highlights to be found in the remainder of the grid—all of which made this midsummer 8767 s solve a highly entertaining one.

And as far as RECAPS go, this brings mine to an end. Hope you enjoyed the solve and, if you 8767 re so inclined, will choose to share your thoughts. Adios til next week, then—and keep solving!

I liked all the puzzles today great Tuesday! The WSJ had me humming along. It 8767 s always great to remember YMCA in its original and Minion editions.



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I actually liked this theme a lot, even thought it doesn 8767 t appear to be overly complicated. Everything tied up in a nice neat bow, and lots of great entries in usual Matt J fashion. A solid stars.

Hi Derek! The PAOLA pun is a reference to payola, which is when radio DJs take money from recording companies to play their songs perhaps out of proportion to how often they would normally be played.

NYT: I, too, liked it. Tuesdays are often a little lost, betwixt and between. This one seemed to hit the ideal Tuesday vibe, with a good theme and not much contortion.


I recommend playing brain games against other people when possible. That introduces social interaction, which stimulates your brain in addition to the game itself.

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