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The numeric pattern is engraved on the copper on one side and the “beeja” (seed) mantra or the prime syllable that connects to the power of the Sun is inscribed on the other side.

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Go to school for a year and you could be a LPN — a limited practical nurse. Two years of schooling is what is required to be an RN — a registered nurse.

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But you could also go for another two years, receive a master’s degree, and become a nursing practitioner, which serves as a primary care provider in rural, under-served areas.

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Smithwood Medical Institute, LLC understands the needs of working adults like you, who may be handling work, school,andfamily in order to create a better and brighter future for yourself and your family. We are here to assist you in conquering your destiny every step of the way! We will extend to you…

It is important to look forward in your career. Sure, you may want to become an entry-level nurse today , but five or 65 years what kind of senior-level nursing jobs could you get? This brings us to education …

A professional CV writing service like Bradley CVs can give you an immediate advantage over other candidates when you're applying for a medical career. We have over 78 years' experience in creating medical CVs that persuade employers to select you for interview.

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But you may find that an entry-level medical career such as nursing offers the opportunity for advanced practices and responsibilities with a little more education.

Choosing a Career in the Medical Field can be a daunting, whether you are looking for Medical Careers with a Biology Degree or without any qualifications at all.

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