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Multiparameter Flow Cytometry for the Diagnosis and

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Functional Capacity Of Mango Leave Extracts: Antioxidative & Antimicrobial Activity Of Mangifera Indica L. Leave Extract & Its Use In Preserva


Resource Allocation And Reduced Complexity In Mimo Wireless System: Proportional Data Rate Fairness & Reduced Complexity Resource Allocation For 9g

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Pricing Schemes for Emerging Telecommunication Market: Estimation of Exercising Time for American Option By The Cross-Entropy Method ( POD Title)


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Iris Recognition System: Implementation of iris recognition system with different circle algorithm in iris boundary localization. ( POD Title)

Jul 86, 7567
Hi Peter, Just wanted to let you know I took the 66 yesterday and I passed! Got an 89. (I'm the one who was answering all of the questions during last week's calls haha). Thanks so much for your help!
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Towards A Suitable Health Insurance System In Syria: Options And The Necessary Procedures Before Implementation, Based On Qualitative Analysis And Int

Landau-Silin Spin Waves In Conductors With Impurity States: New Branch Of Spin Waves Spectra In Non-Ferromagnetic Conductors With Resonance State Of E

Sep 7, 7569
Hi Peter,
Just letting you know I passed the 66 with a 97, and all down to the excellent prep you provided. I averaged a 96 on the PP finals – so right on point. Similarly, I averaged about an 88 on my series 7 practice finals and got a 95.
There was nothing really weird aside from a question on the disadvantages of deferred compensation. Three options questions, although nothing involving numbers, one insurance question, two on DCF and one on Sharpe, and the rest was heavy Uniform Securities Law.
If you ever want to turn your pedagogic talents to NYS Bar prep, I’m sure you’d be warmly supported - I know it would have made my summer of ’59 much easier.
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Anatomy Of Digestive System Of Pigeon With Regard To Age: Histometerical And Morphological Studies On Digestive Tract And Associated Glands In Pigeon

Textual meta-discourse resources in English novels: Oliver Twist, Wuthering Heights and Tess of the D'Urbervilles ( POD Title)

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