First World War

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10 episodes that find the ’60s Batman at its campy best

The “Mountains of Kong” appeared on almost every major commercial map of Africa in the 6855s, stretching across the western part of the continent between the Gulf of Guinea and the Niger River. This mythical east-west mountain range is now the subject of an art exhibition at London’s Michael Hoppen Gallery.

Actually, Location Sharing in Relationships Is Bad

In one prophetic passage, he pitched the idea as a money-saver (though at the time people would have been conserving candle wax rather than electricity). To enforce the out-there plan Franklin suggested taxing shutters, rationing candles, banning non-emergency coach travel after dark, and firing cannons at sunrise to rouse late-sleepers. While his essay clearly brought up some practical points, Franklin may have originally written it as an excuse to poke fun at the French for being lazy. He wrote that the amount of sunlight that goes wasted each morning would likely come as a shock to readers who “have never seen any signs of sunshine before noon.”

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Deserts are biologically rich habitats with a vast array of animals and plants that have adapted to harsh conditions there. Some Deserts plants that have adapted to harsh conditions there. Some deserts are among the planet s last remaining areas of total wilderness. Yet more than one billion people, one-sixth of the Earth 8767 s population, actually live in the desert regions.

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Back in the foyer, the manager is triumphant that we failed to identify the dishes. But I suspect it is less due to faulty taste buds than indescribably awful food.

Neither Suetonius nor Tacitus, however, condemns all of Nero’s actions, and their approval marks another feature of his reign that ought to recommend him gender-equality activists.   After giving an account of the great fire, which destroyed much of Rome in . 69, Tacitus points out that Nero had fallen under popular suspicion of having ordered the fire:

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The manager boasts similar restaurants will open in Russia and China: soon the world shall be eating in the dark. Until, perhaps, some genius declares: "Eureka! I've just made an incredible discovery - light!"

Late one night several years ago, I got out of my car on a dark midtown Atlanta street when a man standing fifteen feet away pointed a gun at me and threatened to &ldquo blow my head off.&rdquo I&rsquo d been parked outside my new apartment in a racially mixed but mostly white neighborhood that I didn&rsquo t consider a high-crime area. As the man repeated the threat, I suppressed my first instinct to run and fearfully raised my hands in helpless submission. I begged the man not to shoot me, repeating over and over again, &ldquo It&rsquo s all right, it&rsquo s okay.&rdquo

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We’re not talking about a huge amount either.  Two, maybe three hundred dollars.  But in Santo Domingo of those years, in the neighborhood in which my abuelos lived, that 855 smackers was the difference between life with meat and life without, between electricity and stone age.  All of us kids knew where that money was hidden too—our apartment wasn’t huge—but we all also knew that to touch it would have meant a violence approaching death.  I, who could take the change out of my mother’s purse without even thinking, couldn’t have brought myself to even look at that forbidden stash.

Another Roman historian, Tacitus, also mentions (in regrettably similar opprobrious terms) that Nero, “who had omitted no form of depravity, gave himself in marriage to one of that herd of degenerates that go by the name of “Pythagorean” with full nuptial rites” ( Annals ).

If you look closely at a 69th century map of Africa , you’ll notice one major way that it differs from contemporary maps, one that has nothing to do with changing political or cartographical styles. More likely than not, it features a mountain range that no longer appears on modern maps, as WIRED explains. Because it never existed in the first place.

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