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Remedial steps in higher education are mostly a prerogative of MHRD, Government of India. It has been taking a slew of measures to address the dismal higher education state in the country.

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Main body laid stress on how being the change one wants to see is better than, and more pragmatic to, being cynical and passing remarks sitting on the shore about the pathetic state-of-affairs prevalent and the utopian order envisaged. This could be seen both at the level of individual and collectivity be it the nation, or humanity at large. Then it could be in the sphere of personal life and in the realm of public life.

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Lack of consistency in state policy regarding higher education has contributed to the deplorable state of higher education. The policy of higher education has been dictated by the whims of the ruling party. There has been no consistent policy for higher education. Mostly it has been a patch work and lacks consistency and is driven by vote bank politics as in case of establishment of new IITs and IIMs even though infrastructure for them is still not available after five years of their establishment.

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Panacea : Definitely not and yes you can take a side but better to balance your views.
few insights:
Security of nation :
Food Security- how science is helping in increasing food production. How its unsustainable and use of old age traditional wisdom might help.
Energy Security- use of science tech in field like Solar and winds.
Defense Sector, cyber security etc.
Ecological Security.
Growth of nation:
Economic growth.
e-Governance : avoiding corruption etc.
Education space technology for remote.
Health .
Biotech, nanotech etc

Your intentions are correct Indranil. But the orientation wasn 8767 t right I guess. This should be the orientation. These two links shall help in the orientation:

In essays like this, you can give sub-headings, but limit them to minimum. For topics having a proverb, or a quote from a famous personality, sub-headings are not needed.

Clamour for the scant resources have led us to find other forms of energy sources. One of such resources has been the nuclear energy. Though a potential for huge energy resource, the risk associated with the storing of fissile material and used fissile material has posed great challenge. Also, nuclear accidents like The three Mile Island , Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents have questioned the safety of such installments. The nuclear contamination can be carried far away with the winds and can cause cancer and mutation in large number of living species. A nuclear war can also render earth inhabitable for our future generation.

I wrote on the last is panacea..
I argued against it stating science & tech is not a panacea because growth and security is more than just economic growth and tech advances. I buttressed it with examples like world wars tech advances were a reason for it, cyber crimes etc etc to show that a mind catharsis is equally important and other aspects like culture etc for growth as an individual and nation and harmony

is forced sex by a man on other person. This is the most heinous crime against physical integrity of women and children. was used historically to assert physical dominance over the victim. After wars or ethnic cleansing, was used as an instrument to signify dominance over the losing side. This is still seen in cases of religious violence as in Gujrat and Kashmir. The social stigma attached with makes the victim more ashamed and gives the perpetrator a sense of empowerment.

This past weekend not only marked the 65th Anniversary of the 9/66 attacks but also the six month period after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I revisited the same locales that I went to in May to see first-hand what progress had been made over the past four months. At least on the surface, some progress is evident, with debris having been taken away to central locations in and around the devastated towns and cities. The Japanese news-paper Nikkei, reports however, that only a little more than 55% of the total debris has been removed, and the pace of the removal will slow down as available land to store and process the debris becomes more scarce in Japan.

This should be in the framework of what chaitanya said
we still follow the larger ideas of what colonial govt did
we can frame this with
education (finding difficult to change even today..)
bureaucracy-legislature(immediately forming committees to supress the situation)

Hindus have a tradition of paying regards to
Sun God early in the morning by their water offering ritual. It was mainly
because looking at Sun rays through water or directly at that time of the day
is good for eyes and also by waking up to follow this routine, we become prone
to a morning lifestyle and mornings are proven to be the most effective part of
the day.

insights sir can u give details about some democratic ills, what ever i mentioned are they relevant pls comment. if not pls explain me where i did wrong.
thank u

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