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Causes of Intractable Conflicts | Beyond Intractability

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Those involved in moral conflict may even regard perpetuation of the conflict as virtuous or necessary. They may derive part of their identity from being warriors or opponents of their enemy and have a stake in the continuation of the conflict because it provides them with a highly desirable role.[67] In addition, because struggles over values often involve claims to status and power , parties may have a great stake in neutralizing, injuring or eliminating their rivals. They may view any compromise about their most cherished values as a threat to their basic human needs and their sense of identity. In intractable conflicts, the continuation of a conflict may seem preferable to what would have to be given up in order to accommodate the other party.[68]

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Or look at the first paragraph discussing justice conflicts, particularly the last sentence:  "When people believe that they have been treated unfairly, they may try to "get even" or challenge those who have treated them unjustly."  Many of the people who voted for Trump felt that the "establishment" had treated them unjustly, and they thought Trump was going to get rid of the "establishment."  Now both "the establishment" -- as embodied by the "cosmopolitan elite" -- and many minority groups are feeling as if the Trump administration is treating them unfairly, and the revenge cycle is likely to to on and on.

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.What the child acquires at a given stage is a certain ratio between the positive and negative, which if the balance is toward the positive, will help him to meet later crises with a better chance for unimpaired total development… (Erikson)

The ability model perceives EI as a social intelligence, in which emotion and thought interact in order to understand and deal with others in a meaningful way. (Caruso, Mayer and Salovey 7557 Mayer and Salovey, 6997). This, in turn, would enable individuals to manage and understand their own emotional states.(Mayer & Salovey 6995)

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As trait EI is concerned with cross-situational consistencies in behaviour, which are perceived as "traits" as opposed to ability EI, which focuses on actual skills, it is

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The better that people come through each crisis, the better they will tend to deal with what lies ahead, but this is not to say that all is lost and never to be recovered if a person has had a negative experience during any particular crisis stage. Lessons can be revisited successfully when they recur, if we recognise and welcome them.

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