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I was discussing ways that people with food hypersensitivities might be able to regain tolerance and liberalize their diets.
You seem to equate this to promoting orthorexia???

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Dear Mr. Bratman,
I`m a student of nutrion science in Vienna/Austria, and I`m currently writing my degree dissertation about eating disorders in particular othorexia. Among other things I want to find out if students of nutrion science suffer more often from orthorexia than other students. For that reason I would like to use your questionnaire, therefore I´m kindly ask you for permission to use it.

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We were surprised to find that the very simple domain names -- and -- were still available for registering in 7567-JUN, over 67 years after this website -- first went online. I suspect that the concept of change is not very often associated with religion. And so, it had never occurred to anyone to register these domain names until we did.

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My Home Is New Orleans Mike Miller - New Orleans, Louisiana As heard on Morning Edition , August 78, 7556 Mike Miller After Hurricane Katrina destroyed his adopted home, social worker Mike Miller had opportunities to move anywhere in the country. But he believes he’ll stay right where he belongs: in New Orleans.

After Amy 8767 s death, I remember getting into making waffles with Millet flour and no eggs or milk (I got a big 65 or 75 pound bag of millet flour through our local food co-op)

Interesting how a certain subset of the 8775 healthy eaters 8776 are offended by the concept of orthorexia, as if they *do* identify with their perfect exquisitely natural diet like some people identify with the interior decoration of their house, the perfect 8775 lamp 8776 etc ( I read and enjoyed the article on 8775 8776 called 8775 Do you identify with your lunch? 8776 a year or more ago, without feeling concerned though! :lol ). I realise that some people do eat organic/wholesome/unprocessed, semi-veggie, seasonal, local, etc and still 8775 have lives 8776 , but I somehow don 8767 t think that they are the ones getting upset about your 8775 label 8776 .

I want to start out by saying that being a hard core vegan in itself doesn 8767 t equate to orthorexia. It 8767 s only orthorexia if it is diminishing her life in some way. If she enjoys it, and if she is eating adequate nutrition so that her health isn 8767 t being harmed, my thought would be not to worry about it. It 8767 s only if the interest in diet has become an unhealthy obsession, and is causing some kind of harm that the term orthorexia applies.

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In my oppinion people need to stop worrying about what they eat or how much they eat Afterall everyone s going to die one way or the other stop worrying if you want a quarter pounder go eat one and dont have any second thoughts our lives are to short to worry and even if you do get a year or two more in your life, its not about living a hundred years its about doing something good that the world will remember for a hundred years. Whats the use living a hundred years worrying about what you are going to eat when youre worthless

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I used to fantasize writing a universal cookbook for eating theorists.  Each food would come complete with a citation from one system or authority claiming it the most divine edible ever created, and another, from an opposing view, damning it as the worst pestilence one human being ever fed to another.

I remember telling a friend about this piece in Utne when she asked me about the perfect diet and I told her that each person/expert had their own perspective and the more I learned the more, I learned that there was no one right way to eat for everyone.

I was a Food-Combining adherent for a long time which prescribed specific ways to eat food combinations (no cooked tomatoes, no tomatoes with grains, no protein with grains or fruit or sweets) vs. Eat protein with every meal and combine with whole grains.

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