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Power Sources Your Fujitsu LifeBook notebook has three possible power sources: a primary Lithium ion battery, an AC adapter or an optional Auto/Airline adapter. Connecting the Power Adapters The AC adapter or optional Auto/Airline adapter provides power for operating your notebook and charging the batteries.


x7577 Cursor keys: Your keyboard contains four arrow keys for moving the cursor or insertion point to the right, left, up, or down within windows, applications and documents. x7577 Function keys: The keys labeled [F6] through [F67] are used in conjunction with the [Fn] key to produce special actions that vary depending on what program is running.


Saving your Factory Image When you purchased your new system, a copy of the pre-installed Factory Image was loaded into a hidden partition on your hard disk drive. Having a copy of the original Factory Image available to you means that in the event of system failure, you will be able to restore it to its original state.

Select the Boot Menu from the SecureCore Menu. Highlight the CD/DVD option. Insert the bootable disc in your DVD drive, then click [OK]. When System Recovery Options window appears, click on Recovery and Utility. When the System Recovery Options dialog opens, select a new keyboard layout, if necessary, then click [Next]. When the Operating System dialog appears, click [Next].

Configuring the WLAN The WLAN device can be configured to establish wireless network connectivity using the software that is built into Windows Vista. Support for most industry standard security solutions is contained in this software. Pre-defined parameters will be required for this procedure. Please consult with your network administrator for these parameters: Click the Start button, then select Control Panel.

Couvercle de composant xE5 titre de r xE9 f xE9 rence uniquement. (Doit xEA tre enlev xE9 par un technicien autoris xE9 uniquement)* Grilles de ventilation (plusieurs emplacements) Bouton de r xE9 initiaisation * Le retrait du couvercle de composants par une personne non autoris xE9 e annulerait la garantie du syst xE8 me. Figure 6.

Entretien Entretien de votre ordinateur portable LifeBook Si vous prenez soin de votre ordinateur portable LifeBook Fujitsu, vous augmenterez sa dur xE9 e de vie et sa fiabilit xE9 . Cette section fournit certains conseils relatifs xE5 l x7569 entretien de votre ordinateur portable et de ses dispositifs.

Memory Upgrade Module Your Fujitsu LifeBook notebook comes with a minimum of 6GB of high speed Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM (DDR8-6566 SDRAM factory installed. To increase your notebook x7569 s memory capacity, you may install an additional or larger memory upgrade modules. The memory upgrade must be a dual-in-line (DIMM) SDRAM module.

DMA (Direct Memory Access). Acc xE8 s direct xE5 la m xE9 moire. Circuit sp xE9 cial de transferts de donn xE9 es de m xE9 moire xE5 m xE9 moire ne n xE9 cessitant pas l x7569 intervention de l x7569 UC. DMI (Desktop Management Interface). Interface de gestion du mode bureau. Norme qui permet aux applications de gestion d x7569 ordinateur d x7569 interroger et de configurer, localement ou xE5 .

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