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The First Cause Argument - Existence of God

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No, the suffering is the same, the action is the same, so my point stands. You 8767 re saying it 8767 s evil in one universe but not the other, despite the fact that the action and suffering is the same. This makes no sense.

Anisotropic Bianchi type-III perfect fluid cosmological

Time csn be altered by space which can be altered by gravity. There could be matter in a grander universe of 5 net matter given quantum fluctuations of virtual particles. In a vast bubbling infinity of net zero energy, it is statistically possible for an area to suddenly have sufficient positive energy to cause gravitational collapse which could then become a self-sufficient mass that attracts more mass through its energy, dividing particle from anti particle, becoming denser and denser until some equally unlikely statistical fluctuation causes expansion or perhaps maximum density causes spatial expansion?

Hundreds of Proofs of God’s Existence

8775 It is important to bear in mind that the moral argument pertains to the ultimate source of objective moral values and duties (moral ontology) 8776

The Case Against The Design Argument - Big Issue Ground

A man could become a slave in only a few ways most often, the man was in extreme poverty, and this was the only way he could repay a debt. Occasionally, a thief was punished by being sold into servanthood by the courts. There was no kidnapping of slaves as was practiced by the slave traders in fact, kidnapping in Israel and Judea was punishable by death.

There is an objectively best football team, and we have a criterion based on the object it 8767 s called the Super Bowl. Regardless of what YOU or I think about the teams uniforms, or the teams performance, that standard wins. (Yes, I understand that men devised that standard I 8767 m not discussing how the standard came to be or how we know it at this point just that the standard exists.)

Perfection is a subjective concept. You need a criteria before you can say something fits it perfectly, or calling it perfect has no meaning. Perfect in what way?

8775 Want to differentiate between a good God and a bad god, a mature Christian and an infant Christian, an authentic Christian and a counterfeit? Look at their fruit 8776

Equivocal God-talk leaves us in total ignorance about God. At best, one can only feel, intuit, or sense God in some experiential way, but no human expressions can describe what it is that is being experienced … [As for Uni-vocal] Our understanding and expressions are finite, and God’s are infinite, and there is an infinite gulf between finite and infinite. As transcendent, God is not only beyond our limited understanding, but He is also beyond our finite expressions.

The Bible frequently seems to contradict itself. Randel Helms discusses these contradictions by looking at the cultural and historical factors that produced them.
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These mythical underground realms of pain for the 8775 unsaved 8776 are predicated on a flat earth cosmology. Besides, Christianity is a late-comer to the salvation game. Plato refers to Homer 8767 s observation of evangelical proselytizers in the 8th century BCE, as follows:

The Nazi philosophy was wrong because it was based on faulty reasoning and lies. There is no such thing as a superior race, and therefore the atrocities committed under Hitler were wrong based the crazy BS they believed.

9. The standard for morality must be a person, because morality deals with what *ought* to be. Inanimate objects do not care about what ought to be rocks could care less whether they 8767 re used to build a house or to stone someone to death. It takes a personality to be concerned with morality. Animals, similarly, are amoral, and do not concern themselves with whether their actions are or are not moral.

Otherwise, option (b) would have to have the incomprehensible being coming into existence from nothing, or existing for an infinite time both into the past and future, which would fail the Occam 8767 s Razor.

Whether she expects me not to lie is irrelevant she 8767 d still be angry if I promised something and then broke that promise. Neither of us need to believe in God for this to be the case.

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