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I 8767 m an AS level student right now, and I have plans to take medical studies in the future. The subjects I have chosen are:
Main: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Pure maths and statistics.
Language: English language and literature.
Group 8: English Literature.
I 8767 ve decided to take English Literature instead of Psychology, though I adore both subjects equally, I 8767 ve got the confidence that I can score better in Eng Lit than Psychology. My question is, will this choice of subject affect my chances of getting into a medical school?
with regards and Thanks,

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Hello I 8767 m currently in year 66 and am starting to applying for sixth forms but I keeping thinking that I should do chemistry to replace one of my considered options which consists of English Literature, Biology, Psychology and Art. I am not completely certain on my career yet but I am interested in the study of the body both psychically and mentally I am also predicted an A* in Art and Bs for the rest of my subjects for GCSE. Do you think I should change one of my options? If so, which one?
Thanks 🙂

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I am choosing my A-level choices and my current choices include Computing, Graphic Art, Media studies and Photography and I would like to go into web or graphic design.

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There are national exams known as Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) which can independently assess both students and schools against the national standard for subjects.

Most universities have no specific entrance requirements for Geography not even A-level Geography! instead favouring a mix of humanities and sciences subjects. Geography is quite a wide-ranging subject and can focus on aspects to do with people (populations, demographics and so on) or on Earth processes. Note that even though Geography A-level isn’t usually a requirement, in practice most applicants will have it, and if nothing else, studying it at A-level will at least help you make sure it’s what you want to study at university.

Either Maths or Government and Politics would be a good fourth AS-level. It would be fine to take either, even if you were to drop it at the end of your AS year. Neither would offer you any significant advantage in studying Law. While Maths is a facilitating subject and Government and Politics isn 8767 t, that distinction doesn 8767 t matter much in a fourth subject. We advise picking whichever one you feel you will do best in or enjoy most.

UK universities will not mind whether you take A-levels or the IB. The IB is a more respected exam, but anecdotally, university offers for the IB can be a little higher than their A-level equivalents. I would advise against letting this guide you either way instead, consider whether you would enjoy doing a more varied set of 6 subjects in the IB or a more focused set of 8-9 in A-levels.

If you want to keep Economics as a possibility, I would strongly recommend (if option blocks allow it) taking Maths at A-level. Most universities actually prefer Maths to Economics for potential university Economics students many won 8767 t accept you without a Maths A-level. Maths also wouldn 8767 t do you any harm for Psychology, where universities are likely to want to see another science subject (which includes Maths). Biology or Chemistry would also be good options.

I would advise having a conversation with your Maths teacher and seeing what s/he thinks about your A-level chances before you drop it. Your selection of A-levels at the moment is very good, and would be seriously weakened by dropping Maths.

The nature of the course takes three possible routes. The one year programme can be covered by a student following the AS and the A7 courses in parallel, by following a separate one year programme, (such as Mathematics) or by following one of the programmes mentioned with supplementary one-to-one tuition.  

I wanted to know to keep my options open would the following subjects be ok:
Maths, Physics, History and Economics
or should I switch of the above for another science?

I 8767 m taking Chem, Bio, Phys and Maths in A-Levels. I am hoping to study Economics, Accounting or something finance related at uni. Thing is my school only offers Acc and not Eco or BST A-Level. With that combo will I be disadvantaged at uni due to my lack of finance related subjects?

While there are usually no set requirements for studying Philosophy at university, a mix of arts and science subjects will prove useful an arts-based subject will give you essay-writing skills, while science subjects help develop your logic and reason. If your school offers Philosophy it would be worth taking it though it won’t be an advantage in applying (since not many schools offer it, it would put you at an unfair advantage), it will at least give you a feel for the subject and whether it’s something you’d like to pursue.

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