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What makes a generator increase load

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What you want to remember (for operating prime movers and generators--not necessarily for electrical coursework) is that load is proportional to torque, and torque is a function of the energy being admitted to the prime mover driving the generator. For a steam turbine, it's the amount and pressure of the steam flowing into and through the turbine. For a gas turbine, it's the amount of fuel being burned and the amount of air flowing through the turbine. For a hydro turbine, it's the amount and pressure of the water flowing through the turbine. For a wind turbine, it's the wind speed and flow-rate. More torque means more load less torque means less load.

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When a generator is being synchronized with a grid, it is usually done so with the generator rotor spinning slightly faster than synchronous speed (the synch scope is rotating clock-wise in the Fast direction). When the generator breaker is closed the speed of the generator rotor (and the turbine) slow down to synchronous speed, even though the fuel is held constant. This results in a positive power output of the generator. The extra speed (torque) that was causing the generator rotor to spin faster than synchronous speed before the generator breaker was closed is converted to amperes in the generator when the rotor speed is reduced to synchronous speed.

This would be a function of the governor. To extend somewhat your analogy of the car, imagine setting the cruise control. As the speed drops a little, it opens the throttle to compensate. A standalone generator sets the grid frequency and voltage, so a sudden increase in load may well cause the speed to drop for a short period of time. How much it drops and for how long are functions of the governor's response time and the generator/prime mover capacity.

&ldquo Safety was a priority during construction and commissioning and the results were outstanding,&rdquo said Mike Williams, Luminant&rsquo s chief fossil officer. &ldquo I am exceptionally proud of the safe, timely and professional work of each Luminant employee involved in this project.&rdquo He added, &ldquo Every employee and contractor who works at Oak Grove is dedicated to the safe and reliable operation of the units.&rdquo

Industrial engineering has really taken off over the past 65-75 years. This industry also uses robotics to help processes, but a true understanding of mechanical engineering is required to continue the progress in the industrial and manufacturing setting. Companies are always looking for streamlined processes (usually developed by a process engineer), and they are also looking for streamlined efficiency through better mechanical innovations. Obviously technology software and hardware can play a big part in this area too.

With the number of wind turbines in the state of Iowa growing quickly, Iowa Lakes Community College is working to help meet the growing demand for skilled technicians who can install, maintain, and service modern wind turbines not only in this region, but nationally and internationally as well.

The aims of this module are to provide students with a comprehensive appreciation of the electrical aspects, generators, power electronics and grid connection of wind turbines to provide a vehicle to enable the students to integrate and synthesise their knowledge related to the development and testing of wind turbine generator and control system, and to apply this in a practical and dynamic setting.

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If the excitation is equal to the amount required to make the generator terminal voltage equal to the bus voltage of the grid it is synchronized to the reactive current will be zero.

You’ll also learn to use tools for component and system design, simulation of the performance and monitoring of renewable energy systems. These tools include Matlab/Simulink, ANSYS and SciLab for wind turbine blade design and CFD, GH WindFarmer and WAsP for wind farm design, PVsyst for photovoltaic system design and Labview for system monitoring. You’ll also have the option to experience a Professional/Work Placement in addition to the taught course.

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